Keeping Current with the Research Literature – Training Session

As part of HSL’s Seminar Series, “The Tech Savvy Health Researcher”, this session will show you ways to keep on top of new circuit_brainresearch through weekly alerts and mobile apps.

In the class you will establish search accounts in PubMed and SCOPUS so that you can receive weekly alerts of new research appearing in your area of interest.  Mobile apps Read by QxMD and Browzine, will be used to monitor journal table of contents and save relevant articles to reference management software.

This session is part of the Health Sciences Libraries Seminar Series  “The Tech Savvy Health Researcher”.  To learn more about the series visit:

To register for this session, click on the date:

Thursday, Nov 5th, 2015 (12pm – 1pm) Bannatyne Campus, NJMHSL Library

Thursday, Nov 12th, 2015 (12pm – 1pm) St Boniface Research Centre, Library

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