Winnipeg author publishes ultimate dementia caregiver survival guide

A new book on dementia gives voice to an underrepresented caregiver group – women caring for their husbands.

Since two out of every three people with Alzheimer’s disease are women, the majority of dementia caregivers in married couples are men. Winnipeg clinician and older-adult specialist, Angela Gentile gives a voice and extends a lifeline to an underrepresented caregiver – women caring for a husband with dementia.

In her book Caring for a husband with dementia : the ultimate survival guide, she describes experiences before diagnosis when things begin to feel “not quite right”, how to address the emotional impact of the disease, and how to practically cope with the realities of caregiving without succumbing to emotional or physical burnout.

Gentile notes, “[The book is] specifically for caregiving spouses as they often have difficulty seeking Dementia_Bookhelp. They have been called the invisible or hidden patient.”

Although it is aimed at women, Gentile states, “Many of the common issues wives deal with on a regular basis also resonate with other dementia caregivers.”

Huffington Post columnist Dr. Marie Marley says of Caring for a husband with dementia: The ultimate survival guide in her foreword to the book, “The pages are chock full of advice that can be directly applied on a daily basis, which will lead to improvements in the care of the loved one and life of the caregiver.”

This book is available to be borrowed through the University of Manitoba Libraries.

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