Library Workshops for Practising Dental Hygienists

Janet Rothney will be conducting 3 library sessions to support members of the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM) working on their Continuing Competency Projects. The sessions will be held in the computer lab at the Neil John Maclean Library, which holds 15 people. She will go over how to get access to the University of Manitoba Library resources … Continue reading

Manitoba Heritage: Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases have long been part of Manitoba’s history: smallpox with its bulging pustules, whopping cough with its fits of high-pitched coughing, and influenza with its feverish nausea. Explore Manitoba Medical Heritage’s new page, Infectious Diseases, and read about eradicated diseases and those that continue to plague Manitoba. Read about the history of St. Roch’s … Continue reading

UpToDate – Available Now to All MB Health Care Providers

Through a partnership with the major health providers and organizations in the province, UpToDate Anywhere is now available free of charge to all physicians in the province and for all staff in organizations funded by Manitoba Health. Doctors Manitoba, Manitoba Health, the University of Manitoba, Regional Health Authorities, Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM), and CancerCare Manitoba … Continue reading

LexiComp – Renewals Available Now

Lexicomp Mobile users will soon be receiving notices that their accounts are expiring or expired. Users will have to reapply for a limited number of licenses in January 2016. Current licenses are valid through the end of January 2016. Forms for 2016  licenses are now available and at the Library. As a reminder – Lexicomp … Continue reading

OrthoEvidence – new resource on best musculoskeletal evidence

OrthoEvidence – an evidence-based tool that analyzes and summarizes the best musculoskeletal evidence for over 15,000 users around the world – is now available via the UM Library. Including specialties such as Sports Medicine, Arthroplasty, Metabolic Disorders, General Orthopaedics, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Trauma, and Physical Therapy & Rehab, OrthoEvidence includes over 3,000 ACE Reports with 100 new reports added … Continue reading

Developing Research Data Mgmt Plans – Training Session

The next session in HSL’s Tech Savvy Researcher Series, this session will review open access repository options to help meet Tri-Council guidelines regarding publications arising from grant funded projects. Canada’s grant agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) are moving towards requiring that researchers submit data management plans and deposit their research data in an established publicly available archive or repository.  Review … Continue reading