UpToDate – Available Now to All MB Health Care Providers

UTD (1)Through a partnership with the major health providers and organizations in the province, UpToDate Anywhere is now available free of charge to all physicians in the province and for all staff in organizations funded by Manitoba Health.

Doctors Manitoba, Manitoba Health, the University of Manitoba, Regional Health Authorities, Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM), and CancerCare Manitoba worked together to establish and fund a provincial contract with Up to Date that provides health care providers in Manitoba with access through any desktop or mobile device.

Access: If you already have access your path for access will remain the same.  If you do not yet have access to UpToDate, please contact the entity below that best describes your affiliation listed below to learn more.

  • If you already have an UpToDate username and password, do not re-register.  This includes those with an Individual Subscription.  Enter your existing username and password on the returning user side of the screen (right side). Your previous CME accrual will not be impacted. If you do not know your username and password or want to inquire about your personal subscription, please contact customer service (contact information located on the bottom of the page). 

Click on the link that best describes your primary affiliation to learn more:

What is Included in UpToDate Anywhere?

  • Free UpToDate Mobile App for your iOS®, Android, or Windows 8 device
    Chosen as one of “The Best Apps in Publishing” by EContent Magazine
  • Easy access to UpToDate by logging in from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Free continuing education credit.  This program meets the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. (CME/CE/CPD) may be earned when you research a clinical question using UpToDate onsite or remotely – including on your mobile device
  • A bi-weekly clinical update with selected What’s New and Practice Changing UpDate notices

This is the first clinical decision support tool to be included in what will become a Manitoba “virtual health library” that aims to provide equitable access to information resources for all healthcare providers in the province. This will be achieved through a University platform – MHIKNET (Manitoba’s Health Information and Knowledge Network) that may be expanded through further collaborations amongst major healthcare stakeholders in the Province.


To read more on UpToDate and its features go here: http://www.uptodate.com/home/about-us 




4 thoughts on “UpToDate – Available Now to All MB Health Care Providers

  1. I would like to access the Up To Date website on my iPhone. I believe I have a faculty appointment with U of M and also work for Prairie Mountain Health as a physician in Ste Rose.

    How can I establish a user name and password acceptable to Up to Date?


  2. Hi
    I already have a personal subscription to UTD that expires at the end of the month. Your instructions above say to login on the “left side” of the page. Which page? UTD? This page? It is not clear. Can you please provide more specifics on how I should proceed so I don’t have to create a new login etc.. Thanks
    Dr. Fanella, Peds ID


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