Manitoba Heritage: Infectious Diseases

L0021275 'Syphilis' by Richard CooperInfectious diseases have long been part of Manitoba’s history: smallpox with its bulging pustules, whopping cough with its fits of high-pitched coughing, and influenza with its feverish nausea. Explore Manitoba Medical Heritage’s new page, Infectious Diseases, and read about eradicated diseases and those that continue to plague Manitoba.

Read about the history of St. Roch’s Hospital, named after the patron saint of plague and cholera victims, one of the first hospitals in Manitoba to specialize in treating infectious diseases. Explore the stories of Dr. Allan Ronald, world renowned for his work with HIV/AIDS in Africa. View the major infectious disease research centres, located in Winnipeg.

Visit to explore infectious diseases that affect Manitoba and beyond.

Image Copyright: Syphilis by Richard Cooper. L0021275. Wellcome Library, London, England. Work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

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