HaMLET in the Health Library: A discussion on information literacy

On May 2nd, UofM librarians will lead an information literacy discussion
at the Department of Medical Education’s (Health professions educators all Meeting to Learn, Educate, & Teach) series.

The HaMLET will bring together different health education professionals and will offer an engaging discussion on the topic along with a wide variety of opinions.

The discussion is based on a paper “Teaching for Transfer: Reconciling the Framework with Disciplinary Information Literacy” by Rebecca Kuglitsch which examines information literacy and  whether it is best learnt as a generalized skill or within a discipline specific context.

S19713The session will be led by University of Manitoba Health Science librarians Janet Rothney and Hal Loewen and will be held May 2nd  at Noon in Room 403  of the Brodie Centre. If you are interested simply show up. No registration needed.

For more information on this presentation and other HaMLET discussion forums visit the Department of Education website at: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/education/ed_dev/

Image via: http://torange.biz/19713.html 


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