Researcher Workshop series – NEW Bannatyne dates!


**Due to high demand for the Researcher Workshops series,  Bannatyne Campus sessions have been added for each topic! See below for details and to register. These sessions mirror some of the topics discussed in the HSL Tech Savvy series, and the FGS GradSteps series held over the 2015/16 academic year.

Looking for opportunities to advance your research skill set? The new Researcher Workshop series, offered by the University of Manitoba Libraries, may be a great place to start!

Created to meet the research needs of faculty, graduate students, and researchers, these sessions will be beneficial to those looking to learn more about emerging issues such as data management and research metrics, and their influence on your research. Though fairly new in the field of research, these and similar technical topics are likely to continue to grow, and to have a larger impact on research going forward.

In response to multiple requests from researchers, U of M Libraries will pilot a series of five workshops over the spring and summer months, designed to be practical as well as educational. The workshops are open to all researchers and faculty, and will provide new ways for participants to enhance their technical expertise and expand their research presence. For example, by learning more about Open Access, participants can increase the discoverability of their research, and also become more familiar with the expectations of various funding agencies.

Workshops will occur over between 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. between April and August.

Bannatyne sessions:

May 10 (Tue) 12-1: Open Access and Funder Requirements
May 26 (Th) 12-1: Keeping Current with Research Literature
June 22 (Wed) 12-1: Introduction to Data Management Planning
July 28 (Thur) 12-1: Manage Your Author Identity with ORCID
August 4 (Thur) 12-1: Metrics: What Researchers Need to Know

Fort Garry sessions:

Each topic will be presented at both campuses. See calendar below for Fort Garry dates and locations.

For more information, visit:

For more information, contact Janet Rothney for Bannatyne information, or Sarah Clark OR Mayu Ishida  for series information.



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