New Videos on Dementia Caregiving – Teepa Snow

teepa2Dementia does not rob someone of their dignity, it’s our reaction to them that does
Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow’s videos are now available at the University of Manitoba!

logo_teepa_notag_darkTeepa Snow is a dementia-care education specialist with a background in occupational therapy and 30 years of clinical experience. Teepa uses multi-modal learning to help people build their knowledge about dementia and to understand the behaviour of those with dementia. Teepa delivers practical, useful advice that is easy-to-follow through her series of videos. Caregivers, whether in their own home or a residential care setting, will learn important skills for dealing with dementia behaviour.  Try some of her tips, learn new skills and learn how to see from a dementia patient’s perspective.

Some of the titles currently available through the Libraries’ catalogue are:

– Lewy body dementia: what everyone needs to know
– Filling the day with meaning
– The inevitable hospital stay: how to advocate for your loved one with dementia
– Maintain your brain: dementia risk reduction and adult life after diagnosis
– The journey of dementia
– The art of caregiving
– Progression of dementia seeing gems and not just loss
– End of life care & letting go
– Understanding frontotemporal dementias
– In-home dementia care: tips & techniques
– PAC skills make the difference
– Accepting the challenge providing the best care for people with dementia
– Dementia care provision: reducing risk by changing care strategies

Check back often for new titles! Educators can book these videos by contacting the J.W. Crane Memorial Library at or 204-831-2152.teepa-snow-videos

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