New Session! Library Essentials for Support Staff

people-computer-laptop-desk_640 x 480Attention UM staff members – including research assistants, administrative assistants or educational support staff – the Library has a new session of interest just for you!

Know or employ someone as a research assistant, administrative assistant or educational support staff? Please let them know about this great new learning opportunity.

Library Essentials will cover the basics of library access and use at the University of Manitoba. While everyone is welcome to attend our lunchtime series, Researcher Workshops, and the library sessions of GradSteps, this hour is set aside for those who have not had much exposure to the UM Libraries. Library Essentials will include hands-on practice time for accessing library resources such as books and journal articles, a brief tour of the UM Libraries website and a discussion of how UM Libraries staff can assist you in your work. Based on participant interest and experience, a variety of additional topics may be briefly covered during this session.

Campus: Bannatyne

To register:

This session will be held on Feb 9  and June 15.

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