New features in One Stop Search help you find what you need faster

There are now more ways to search for what you need at the library. In the Advanced Search of the One Stop Search engine, you can now search by Call number, Library Name or Location name.


New search parameters in One Stop Search

Call number

You can find a specific book by searching for its full call number. However, there are other useful ways you can use this search feature. By selecting “Call Number” in Advanced Search you could browse through the materials in a subject area. The National Library of Medicine Classification system used in the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries has call numbers for distinct topics in the health sciences. For example, if you wanted to browse through titles in the libraries on gynecology you could do so by entering the call number range “WP” and then titles on that subject will be listed.

Library name

To search for titles found in a particular library at the University of Manitoba, you can filter the search by “Library name” and then only titles in the library you have entered will be displayed. For example, if you are only looking for titles found at the Victoria General Hospital Library enter “Victoria” into the advanced search bar looking for library name.

Location name

This search feature is useful if you are looking for items in a specific collection at the University of Manitoba Libraries. For example, if you are looking for materials in the Indigenous Health collection of the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library you can enter “Indigenous” into the search bar for “Location Name”. You will then see a list of materials found in that collection.

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