Lexicomp licenses now available

Lexicomp mobile licenses for the year are now available from the Health Sciences Libraries.

To apply for a Lexicomp mobile license for your mobile device (whether you have had Lexicomp mobile previously or are a new applicant) must fill out the Lexicomp mobile application form .

To submit the application form you can:

  1. Drop off the printed form at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library Client service desk, or
  2. Email scanned PDF of completed form to healthlibrary@umanitoba.ca or
  3. Fax to (204) 789-3922.

Please allow four working days for your application to be processed. An email will be sent with your code and installation instructions.

Licenses for the Lexicomp mobile app are available to University of Manitoba students, medical residents, and full-time faculty at the Bannatyne campus. NIL-salaried faculty do not qualify for a Lexicomp mobile license, but may use Lexicomp Desktop.

Lexicomp is a full-text collection of drug information databases, corresponding to the drug information handbooks in Lexicomp’s Clinical Reference Library.

For more information about Lexicomp mobile licenses visit http://libguides.lib.umanitoba.ca/healthdatabases/lexicomp 


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