Report calls on government to invest more in long-term care and aging population – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

downloadA 2017 report compiled by the Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC) states that the Trudeau government needs to invest more in order to make improvements to the care provided to seniors in long-term care facilities.

CALTC points to statistics that show that the number of seniors age 65 and older will rise by 25% by 2036, and the number of seniors 80 and over will double between 2011 and 2036. New data also shows seniors entering long-term care suffer from more chronic conditions than their predecessors. For example, 87% of residents are affected by Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This number is expected to double by 2031.1

Some of their recommendations to the government include:

  • Set aside a portion of its infrastructure fund to modernize and rebuild older long-term care homes and build new ones
  • Mandate and invest in a standardized data system for long-term care homes to measure resident satisfaction, quality of care and financial performance
  • Encourage Canadians to save for their care needs later in life by developing a Seniors Care Savings Plan or allowing Canadians to use existing savings to pay for their care needs when they can no longer live at home.

Click here to read the full report:

1 Canadian Association for Long Term Care. Caring for Canada’s Seniors. February 2, 2017. Retrieved from

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