New toolkit helps Canadian long-term care homes create palliative care programs – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

Tools for Change is a resource that was created by the Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care (QPC-LTC) Alliance to guide long term care homes in Canada that are creating their own formalized palliative care programs.

The Alliance members developed a model of care for palliative care in long term care that is supported by multiple quality improvement interventions for implementing education, direct care, community partnerships, policy and program development.

The toolkit outlines a model of care that was developed using literature on innovative practices and guidelines for providing palliative care and research data, indicating the successes of the four long term care homes that volunteered to be study sites.

In areas where long term care homes choose to do quality improvement, resources are offered to help homes develop or enhance their structures and processes and improve the delivery of palliative care.

The Toolkit includes sample brochures, guidelines, organizational self-assessment tools, worker competency requirements, presentations and modules.

For more information about the QPC-LTC Toolkit, click on the following link:

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