Applying for Fellowship: What you need to know, from NEJM: Resident 360

Are you considering applying for a fellowship? NEJM: Resident 360 has published an article with tips, tricks, and things to consider when applying and interviewing for a fellowship. The article can be accessed on the NEJM: Resident 360 website.

NEJM: Resident 360 from the New England Journal of Medicine is  “designed specifically for residents, NEJM Resident 360 gives students and residents the information, resources, and support they need to approach their rotations — and life as a resident — with confidence. NEJM Resident 360 was created to help build their knowledge base and advance their careers while connecting them with a supportive community of fellow residents as well as experts for clinical and professional insight.”

Included is:

  1. Rotation Prep: supports learning with an overview of the basics, and expertly chosen resources that provide foundational information.Covers 14 rotation areas including: mental health, infectious diseases,geriatrics, etc.
  2. Learning Lab: curated resources, videos, podcasts, and interactive tools on a variety of medical topics
  3. Resident Lounge: allows residents to connect with peers
  4. Career: provides career tips and guidance
  5. Discussion: Forums led by experts in specific areas

Access is available via the Library’s subscription to NEJM at:

Access to Rotation Prep is limited to residents with an institutional account accessed via the Library.

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