meeScan check-out on second floor of the Neil John Maclean Library

There is now a second self-checkout meeScan station set up on the second floor of the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library. To use the self-checkout station, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the meeScan app via the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded ensure that meeScan can access your camera and send notifications.
  2. Activate the meeScan app by touching ‘Start’ after opening the app; press the camera icon to scan the activation code barcode below or type 12463145, and select ‘Activate’ (allow meeScan to access your location) and ‘Start’meescan
  3. Enter in your 14 digit library barcode (starts with 22212…) on your UM ID card and ‘Start’
  4. You are now able to check out books! Press the ‘+’ sign to start checking out books!

Please note: Once books are checked out using meeScan, you MUST demagnetize the book at the deactivation station (located beside the printer near the Client Service Desk at the NJM Library).

If you want to use the self-checkout station, but do not want to download the app on your mobile device, feel free to use the meeScan station located on the main floor of the library, following the instructions in this previous post.

As always, library staff are always willing to help you with any questions you have!


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