Getting Ready: For a New Generation of Active Seniors – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

Senate_CandaDemographic changes are now a challenge in Canada as well as in several other countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In Canada, there are now more people aged 65 and over than children aged 14 and under. In the coming decades, this demographic reality will put greater pressure on the country’s health care system and public finances, and will affect the labour market through an aging workforce. However, it will not be felt with the same intensity or in the same way in all regions of the country. Federal, provincial, territorial and Indigenous governments will have to work together and put measures in place to address the challenges facing Canadian society.

In April 2016, the Senate authorized the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance to examine and report on the financial implications and regional considerations of Canada’s aging population. Up to May 30, 2017, this committee held five meetings and heard from 14 experts from across the country. Below is a link to the first interim report, which presents the committee’s observations and recommendations following its study.

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