Improvements to WRHA Library Services

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and the University of Manitoba Libraries (UML) recently announced (Oct 16) that they will be making changes to the agreement for library services.  These changes are necessary to reflect the changing information environment and the need for expanded electronic access to health information for more WRHA staff.  The WRHA and UML have heard from WRHA staff that they need greater access to electronic resources to support evidence-based healthcare and quality patient care. This need is one of the key reasons for changes to the library service. Another reason is that WRHA staff are everywhere and no longer confined to hospitals and health centres. This reality requires the WRHA library service to change to allow library staff to be more nimble and mobile in providing the client-centered services valued by WRHA staff.

Given the budgetary constraints of the WRHA, they are not in a position to add additional funding to the current agreement and they have chosen to move to a more efficient, cost-effective, virtual library model that reflects the access and service needs of WRHA staff. The array and delivery of services will be adjusted to reflect the current needs of WRHA staff and will be delivered in a more centralized model. As a result, all hospital and health centre libraries in the city will be closing.

Details of this service transition will be posted to this blog as they become available. Until that time please continue to use your local hospital library for all your information service needs.

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