CFLA/FCAB Position Statement on Fair Dealing

This is part of a series of news posts for Fair Dealing Week (February 26 to March 2, 2018).

Since it is Fair Dealing Week, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques’ (CFLA/FCAB) position statement on fair dealing. “Fair dealing is an important and vital user right,” CFLA states, “that empowers library users to learn and explore new opportunities for personal fulfillment and intellectual or professional growth, supports scholars and scientists in research, and challenges students to think critically about the world.

In summary, CFLA notes:

Each day, library workers inform the public, scholars and educators on how copyright law works, and why it matters to support the creation of new works and the cultural landscape in Canada. In order for libraries of all kinds to effectively serve their communities and connect users with the information and resources that they need in a rapidly developing digital environment, a flexible fair dealing user right must remain in place.

To read the full position statement, please visit

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