Jointly – The Care Coordination App – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

Jointly – The Care Coordination App – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

Designed by Carers UK in consultation with actual caregivers, Jointly is a mobile and online app that brings together key features in a single tool, making caring easier, less stressful and more organized. Some of the features included are: One central place to store and share important information about the person you are looking after … Continue reading

SOS! A Mobile App to Improve Early Detection of Deterioration & Unnecessary Emergency Hospitalization in the Elderly – Crane Library Web Pick of the Week

In 2013-2014 nearly 33% of frail elderly admitted to hospital from long-term care were admitted unnecessarily. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, approximately 1/3 of transfers from long-term care to hospital were for preventable conditions, costing almost $11 million dollars (2014).1 Many personal support workers, nurses and even general practitioners lack the specialty … Continue reading

Changes to Lexicomp – what you need to know

The University of Manitoba Libraries maintains a subscription to Lexicomp online which includes access to the databases Lexi-drugs and AHFS Essentials. Lexicomp online also provides access to tools such as, the drug interaction checker, IV compatibility tool and drug ID tool. Notable changes have been made to access via the Lexicomp mobile app. Currently, users can … Continue reading