Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis 4-day workshop

The George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) will be hosting a four-day workshop featuring experts from CHI’s Knowledge Synthesis platform and College of Nursing: Learning Objectives 1. To understand the role of systematic reviews in health-care decision making from a clinical, health policy and health system perspective. 2. To understand the process … Continue reading

Online booking of NJM group study rooms now available to students, faculty and staff

Students, faculty and staff of the University of Manitoba can now book a group study room at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library online! You no longer need to visit the library in person to check availability or make a booking. You can book a group study room online by visiting the following link: Groups of 2 … Continue reading

Head of Health Sciences Libraries wins Women of Distinction Award

Congratulations to Ada Ducas – Head, Health Sciences Libraries on her YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award. As the YMCA-YWCA notes, “Ada has dedicated her distinguished career as a health sciences librarian to developing information services to support health care providers. In her 20 years as Head of the Health Sciences Library at the University of … Continue reading

Manitoba Heritage: Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases have long been part of Manitoba’s history: smallpox with its bulging pustules, whopping cough with its fits of high-pitched coughing, and influenza with its feverish nausea. Explore Manitoba Medical Heritage’s new page, Infectious Diseases, and read about eradicated diseases and those that continue to plague Manitoba. Read about the history of St. Roch’s … Continue reading