Understanding review types

Understanding review types

Over the coming weeks the Health Sciences Libraries blog will feature a series of posts on review types commonly found in academic literature. In this series, Understanding review types, you’ll learn about: The different types of reviews How reviewers find literature to review for each review type How the information gathered for each review type is synthesized and described … Continue reading

Changes to Lexicomp – what you need to know

The University of Manitoba Libraries maintains a subscription to Lexicomp online which includes access to the databases Lexi-drugs and AHFS Essentials. Lexicomp online also provides access to tools such as, the drug interaction checker, IV compatibility tool and drug ID tool. Notable changes have been made to access via the Lexicomp mobile app. Currently, users can … Continue reading

Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis 4-day workshop

The George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) will be hosting a four-day workshop featuring experts from CHI’s Knowledge Synthesis platform and College of Nursing: Learning Objectives 1. To understand the role of systematic reviews in health-care decision making from a clinical, health policy and health system perspective. 2. To understand the process … Continue reading

Predatory publishers: what you need to know

Last month, Beall’s blog made waves in the scientific publishing world when all of its content disappeared without warning. Jeffery Beall, scholarly initiatives librarian and associate professor at the University of Colorado, maintained Scholarly Open Access, a blog offering a list of indicators of predatory publishing activities as well as a list of “known” predatory publishers. … Continue reading